Assistive Touch

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Quick access to your smartphone's many options


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Assistive Touch is a convenient tool for controlling various parameters on your Android smartphone using gestural shortcuts. So with just a small circular icon on your smartphone's screen, you can manage all kinds of processes in a really simple way.

From the Assistive Touch interface, you can adjust various parameters to modify processes on your smartphone. For example, you can set up shortcuts to access various adjustments when you slide your finger in a certain direction on the circle.

Assistive Touch lets you manage your smartphone effectively, no longer manually searching in order to activate or deactivate WiFi, Bluetooth, or screen brightness. Other interesting options include the ability to lock and unlock your smartphone without having to touch physical buttons.

Assistive Touch is an excellent app for using your smartphone more efficiently in a quick and simple way. Customize the button to your heart's desire, creating shortcuts to access anything on your smartphone in a matter of seconds.

Requires Android 4.1 or higher